FXPress Payment Services

Moving Money Made Simple.


Make it easier for your customers to get paid with local accounts.


Access real-time wholesale FX rates and eliminate risk.


Automate the end-to-end payment process and send money to bank accounts anywhere in the world.


Give your customers complete control with their digital multi-currency account.

Superior technology

  • Built by developers for developers.
  • Modular solution that empowers developers to innovate.
  • RESTful APIs for seamless integration.
  • Deployed on AWS for resilience and scalability.
  • Extensive developer tools.


  • We work with regulated and unregulated businesses.
  • We can handle compliance on your behalf, or you can manage it yourself.


  • Fully authorized and regulated by the FCA & HMRC.
  • Latest security practices including multi-factor authentication, session management, activity observation and penetration testing.
  • Trusted by people worldwide to move their money.

Phil Barry

Having worked in both the Financial and Property sectors Phil joined JPT Monaco in 2006 to help manage the foreign exchange exposure of the company portfolio. Phil also played an active role in founding of Plutus FX and was invited to join the board in November 2014.

Terry Everson

Terry has worked in the City for over 45 years. In his early career he was Operations Manager and Finance Officer of several large city commodity brokers including AC Israel Woodhouse and Credit Lyonnais Rouse. He was Managing Director of Swiss Financial Services which had trading teams on the floors of London Fox and the IPE. Terry has been a CF1 and CF30 at Gate Capital Group since 2013 and CF10 and CF11 since 2015.

Bill Newton

Bill has extensive operational experience within financial trading companies having worked in the industry for over 20 years. Bill co-founded ODL securities, a derivatives, equities and FX brokerage. He held a number of senior management roles at the company Including IT Director. He has also designed a number of real-time risk and regulatory reporting systems and was responsible for all back-office development. He was subsequently appointed CIO for London Capital Group and managed a re organisation of its core systems and infrastructure.

Stephen Flynn

Stephen’s background prior to entering the technology world was in equity derivatives trading and risk management. He was employed by UBS (1993-98) as a senior structured product trader, CSFB (1990-93) as an market maker trading equity and equity index products, and Smith Newcourt (1987-89) as an equity derivative market maker. Stephen holds a degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Surrey, Guildford. He was lived and worked in London, Frankfurt and New York.

White Label

  • The front end ‘client experience’ is provided by a modular collection of javascript components that are combined to produce single page applications.
  • The front end is fully ‘brandable’ allowing it to be seamlessly integrated with the online presence of FXPress marketing partners.

Hosted Solution

  • FXPress can provide its payments systems as a Platform-as-a-Service PaaS to authorised firms.
  • - Prerequisites -
  • Licensee needs to be appropriately authorised.
  • Licensee needs own segregated bank accounts for receiving and holding client funds.


  • The backend platform is developed primarily in Java and has a Restful API at its core.
  • This API allows easy integration of its functionality into 3rd party systems such as CRM / Accounting platforms.

Architecture Overview

  • The backend platform is a highly modular set of cloud based microservices.
  • The backend is hosted on AWS and is highly available, highly scalable, and has a zero capital expenditure requirement.
  • The platform is secured using industry standard OAuth2 specification.
Component overview

Plutusfx is our own brand and is a trading name of FXPress Payment Services. To apply for an account click here.
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